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Transforming Avios’s main channel to market

The challenge

Address serious customer painpoints, deliver operational efficiencies, improve operational effectiveness, and deliver a new web platform to support Avios’s strategy.

What we did

Evaluated customer and organisational painpoints, defined strategy. Evangelised the vision via a high fidelity ‘North Star’ prototype. Created detailed business case to secure required budget (multi- £million). Built a team of specialists from scratch. Built momentum and credibility via a suite of ‘Quick Wins’. Implemented a new operating model. Introduced Agile ways of working. Led the delivery of a brand new multi-country, multi-language platform – new CMS / complex IT delivery.

“Marcos is a superb digital expert…strong leadership, an ability to apply agile and test and learn, combined with genuine expertise in digital UX. The results were excellent.”

Paul Miller, Director of Strategic Innovation, Avios

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