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Digitizsing Marketing at Britvic Drinks

The challenge

Britvic Drinks (home to Robinsons, Tango etc) were under-performing in digital marketing. They were beset by challenges including insufficient in-house digital expertise, an inability to compare performance across brands, and a weak relationship with IT.

What we did

Definition of Britvic’s Digital Transformation Strategy for Marketing - a set of target digital capabilities - including People, Measurement and Evaluation, Agency Model, Systems and Software, Content and Social, Innovation, Industry Partnerships, Data Strategy. Leadership of delivery against KPIs, working closely with Brand and Shopper Marketing, HR, Procurement, IT, and a multitude of suppliers. Stakeholder management, digital evangelism, culture change, roadmap mgt., communications.


Making use of our professional network, we established a new partnership between Britvic and Google, which we then used to super-charge the digital marketing activity around the 80th anniversary of  Robinsons’ sponsorship of the Wimbledon Championships.

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